BAT IN THE SUN presents


directed by AARON SCHOENKE

executive producer CHRIS JAY


Follow the journey of Erik Reed, (The White Dragon) – who, after losing an epic battle with the ancient overlord, Ashtagor, is blamed for the decimation of the city and the tragic loss of innocent lives during the conflict.

After his secret identity is revealed, Erik is forced to flee Virtuo City, and live the solitary existence of a fugitive, remaining at large for over three years.

Tortured by the separation from his family, and the guilt he carries from the loss of innocent lives in battle, Erik returns to Virtuo City, only to discover that a new threat has arisen–Dragon Prime, a mysterious dark force, possessed by the desire to seek revenge on Reed for his actions.

To clear his name, protect his family and defeat an ancient evil – Reed has only one option… to become The White Dragon once again.

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Jason David Frank Headshot

Jason David Frank

as Erik Reed / The White Dragon


Aaron Schoenke

as Jai Katua / Dragon Prime

David Ramsey

as Mayor Treyvon Sterns

Jason Faunt

as Connor Frost


Rachele Brooke-Smith

as Iris Maine


King Bach

as U.R.I. – Utility Reconnaissance Intelligence


Kevin Porter

as Brian “Lighthouse” Clayton


Mayling Ng

as Tek Bo


Michael Madsen

as Max Reed


Mark Dacascos

as Xang


Cerina Vincent

as Rebecca Reed


Jenna Rae Frank

as Ashley Reed


Ciara Hanna

as Vanessa Doucett


Chalet Lizette Brannan

as Jade

The Legend of the White Dragon – The Story

In the aftermath of a colossal battle with Ashtagor, Erik Reed (AKA The White Dragon), wakes from his defeat to discover that he has been blamed for the decimation of the city and the tragic loss of innocent lives during the destruction.

With The White Dragon thought to be dead and the power crystal seemingly destroyed, Reed realizes that Ashtagor cannot be defeated. When his secret identity is publicly revealed, he flees Virtuo City to protect his family.

Erik remains as a fugitive at large for three years, tortured by the separation from his family whilst suffering with the guilt he carries from the innocent lives lost in the battle.

Unable to live without his family any longer, Erik returns to Virtuo City, only to discover a new threat -Dragon Prime- who now seeks revenge upon The White Dragon for the fateful events of that day.

To protect his family, defeat evil and clear his name, Erik understands he must now face his fears and reclaim his powers, but the crystal that enabled him to become The White Dragon was lost during the battle.

Now, Erik must reunite with his old friends and treasure hunting teammates, Connor and Iris, to face their ultimate challenge -to find the crystal that will enable Erik Reed to become The White Dragon once again.

First, they must find the crystal and then locate the leader of a mysterious order, Xang who, for centuries, has guarded the crystal’s powers from a hidden monastery in a desolate mountain range.

Erik’s quest is to obtain the crystal, rise from the ashes and become the White Dragon once again.


About Bat in the Sun

Bat in the Sun is an independent film and music production company founded in 2001 by Aaron Schoenke, and his father Sean Schoenke.

Having been featured on USA Today, MTV, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post, Bat in the Sun has gained success through many film productions including -Power Rangers: Street Fighter Challenge, Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe, the superhero fan film Dying is Easy, and the hit web series- Super Power Beat Down, which pits fictional characters against each other in battle.

The Super Power Beat Down series has received well over 500 million views and won Best Web Series at the 2015 and 2019 Geekie Awards, as well as several nominations for Streamy Awards including ‘Stunt Choreography’, ‘Action or Sci-Fi Show’, and ‘Visual Special Effects’ categories. Bat in the Sun also created national commercials for “Mobile Strike”, a campaign featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bat in the Sun Productions has a passionate worldwide fan community across various social media platforms totalling 3.6 million followers.

About Aaron Schoenke –

Aaron Schoenke is a Co-Founder of Bat in the Sun, and Actor, (playing Jai Katua/Dragon Prime). Aaron is also Screenwriter, Director, Editor, and Producer for “Legend of the White Dragon” and all other Bat in the Sun’s productions.

Schoenke is the Director of the popular Super Power Beat Down series and his work as a screenwriter and director of comic and sci-fi genre films has received positive praise and recognition from both fans and comic book and movie studios. In 2018, Schoenke directed a mini-series for Valiant Digital Studios, as well as a short film for Lionsgate and Hasbro.

About Sean Schoenke –

Sean Schoenke is a co-founder of ‘Bat in the Sun Productions‘. Sean is the producer, composer, and sound designer of Legend of the White Dragon and other Bat in the Sun productions, including Super Power Beat Down, Power Rangers: Street Fighter Challenge, Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe and Dying is Easy.

Schoenke is an accomplished musician and his work as a producer, composer and sound designer of comic and sci-fi genre films has received acknowledgement and praise from fans worldwide.

Bat in the Sun would like to thank our Kickstarter Backer community. Without their loyal support, this project would not have happened.

Crowd funding has been paramount to the development of Legend of the White Dragon. Having the support of a community that has contributed to the film’s creation has helped us to maintain complete creative control, which has in turn, given us the freedom to develop a compelling story, intense action sequences, an impressive cast, and spectacular visual effects, without any resistance from a studio telling us what can and can’t be done.

For that, we are very grateful, and thank every individual Kickstarter backer for playing their part in making The Legend of the White Dragon happen.

Jason David Frank – The Legend

On November 19th 2022, Jason David Frank sadly passed away. Whilst Jason did not see the final cut of Legend of the White Dragon, it was a project he was deeply proud of and excited to share with the world. Bat in the Sun is now honored to present the final project in Jason’s legacy.

As well as play Erik Reed in Legend of the White Dragon, Jason David Frank contributed significantly to the film’s narrative, creative concepts and scriptwriting, alongside his close friend (and the film’s Director), Aaron Schoenke.

Whilst working with Aaron to shape and create the character of Erik Reed, Jason was keen to tackle mature subjects that his previous work had not allowed him to explore, such as mental health, revenge, abandonment, anger, misplaced aggression, suicide, and addiction- all of which are strong themes within the film.

As Aaron and Jason wrote the initial script, the main character gained biographical resemblance to Jason, making the film very personal and of great significance to him. In the early stages of writing the story, Aaron even named the character ‘Erik’, after Jason’s brother who he sadly lost in 2001.

Jason wanted to make the film’s subject matter raw, honest and emotional. He aspired to explore a truth in his art, to express himself and be unafraid to reveal his own flaws, showing his fans a more vulnerable side. They were after all, so important to him.

Between the two of them, Jason and Aaron created six stories together, outlining a longer narrative, of which ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ was the fourth chapter.

Bat in the Sun is now honored to present the final part of Jason’s legacy respecting his wishes by showing the world a film that he was so proud of and excited to see completed.

The planned release date for the film: 2024

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